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City Newsletter for November 2...


Recycling Information...

Beginning the first week of November Waste Management will be delivering recycling carts to residents wishing to participate in the curbside recycling program. Residents that do not want to participate in the program need to “opt-out”...

Waste Management Recycling Inf...

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ATV Regulations

Safe and Courteous

Safe and Courteous
1-2-109 Off Road Vehicles. All public streets in the City are designated as open for general off highway vehicle use for any purpose including gaining direct access to or from a private or public area open for off highway vehicle use. Persons eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age shall not operate...
Animal Control Regulations

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership
Pet Leash and License Law. The City of Woodland Hills has adopted a leash law.  Dogs are not permitted to roam free.  The County Sheriff will come and pick up any pets that are left to roam.  To get your pet back you will need to have a valid license for your pet.  To license your pet, you will need...
Fire Safety Regulations

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility
If you know that a fire hydrant serving your neighborhood is covered with snow, please either clear it yourself, have a neighbor clear it, or call Corbett Stepehns, our Public Works Director, at 801-857-0788 and ask him to have the hydrant cleared.  Thank You.
Garbage Schedule

Taking Care of Garbage

Taking Care of Garbage
Garbage collection days are Tuesdays.  Please have garbage containers at the end of your driveway by 7am in the morning. If your garbage can becomes damaged at anytime, please call the City Offices at 801-423-1962.  The holidays for Waste Management this year are: New Year’s Day Memorial Day July...

Improved Drug Combinations to Combat the Antibiotics Crisis Based on the World Health Company.

As the arsenal of effective antibacterial medications shrinks further, the introduction of brand-new medicines is happening at a much too gradual pace. Furthermore, the quick advancement of antibiotic level of resistance will likely make the brand new medications inadequate within small amount of time intervals. Confronted with this intimidating situation, scientists desire to have the ability to keep and enhance the efficiency of existing antibiotics, through the targeted mix of specific energetic agent properties. Continue reading

Kind of diet plan.

Kitchen towels could contribute to the growth of potential pathogens that cause food poisoning Researchers through the School of Mauritius show that factors such as for example family size, kind of diet plan, multi-usage of bath towels, among other elements, impact the development of pathogens on kitchen bath towels, causing food poisoning potentially. The study is definitely provided at ASM Microbe, the annual reaching from the American Culture for Microbiology, from June 7th to June 11th in Atlanta kept, Georgia. Our research demonstrates the fact that family structure and hygienic procedures in your kitchen affected the microbial weight of kitchen bath towels, stated Dr. Biranjia-Hurdoyal. We also discovered that diet, kind of make use of and damp kitchen towels could possibly be very important to advertise the development of potential pathogens in charge of meals poisoning, she stated. Continue reading

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Joins OU Physicians OKLAHOMA Town Obstetrician-Gynecologist Kate Arnold.

For a scheduled appointment with the OU Physicians obstetrician-gynecologists, call 271-9494. The practice encompasses nearly every child and adult specialty. Many OU Doctors have expertise within the administration of complex circumstances that’s unavailable somewhere else in the condition, area as well as the country sometimes. Some possess pioneered surgical enhancements or methods in individual treatment which are globe firsts. OU Doctors see patients within their offices in the OU Health Sciences Middle in Oklahoma Town with treatment centers in Edmond, Midwest Town, Lawton along with other metropolitan areas around Oklahoma. Continue reading

A look at displays the U.

REUTERS/Jason Reed/Document PhotoThe medication, larotrectinib, has been developed for a multitude of tumors that talk about a uncommon mutation, and experts expect annual product sales to attain $500 million to $1 billion. Larotrectinib will at this point get yourself a speedy review for adult and pediatric individuals with locally advanced or metastatic stable tumors with a kind of mutation called neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase gene fusion. Bayer programs to submit europe advertising program for the medication this complete 12 months, Loxo said.. Loxo-Bayer cancer drug gets priority review from FDA – Loxo Oncology and Bayer AG stated about Tuesday the U.S. Continue reading

Research shows that access a gun escalates the likelihood a person who efforts suicide can succeed.

Research shows that access a gun escalates the likelihood a person who efforts suicide can succeed ? . Still, among 4,000 people recently surveyed, almost 85 % disagreed that the current presence of a firearm in a house elevated the chance of suicide. From the 4,000 individuals who responded, 15 % agreed that the current presence of the chance is increased with a firearm for suicide. That included 6 % of weapon owners, 9 % of these who live with anyone who has a weapon and 20 % of these who reside in a house without firearms. Continue reading

Sees a report published within the BMJ.

The findings show that risk was lowest among children whose moms maintained a wholesome weight, exercised regularly, didn’t smoke, ate a healthy diet plan, and were light to moderate drinkers. The researchers claim that if both moms and their kids stuck to a wholesome lifestyle this may result in a straight further decrease in the chance of childhood weight problems. One in five American kids and teens aged 6-19 years is obese. Obesity in years as a child is connected with an increased threat of many disorders, including diabetes and coronary disease, in addition to premature loss of life, in adulthood. Identifying risk points for preventing childhood obesity has turned into a public health priority. Continue reading

Both research were posted recently in the technological journal Neuro-Oncology.

Two studies help shed light on aggressive brain cancer Two tests by researchers in the Translational Genomics Study Institute as well as the College or university of NEW YORK Lineberger Comprehensive Malignancy Middle provide understanding on the advancement of glioblastoma and how exactly to potentially fight this most aggressive human brain tumor. Both research were posted recently in the technological journal Neuro-Oncology, and both were funded, partly, with the Scottsdale-based Ben & Catherine Ivy Basis. Among the research showed that mutations impact how cancer begins in glial cells-brain cells offering support and insulation for neurons-and how those mutations have an effect on the way tumor evolves from low-grade gliomas to full-blown high-grade glioblastomas, the most frequent and deadly of principal mind cancer tumor. Continue reading

New research displays.

This article was once published by Carnegie Mellon University. Republished via in Creative Commons Permit 4.0.. Stress Hormone Drops Faster in Married People Wedded folks have lower degrees of the strain hormone cortisol than those that never wedded or were previously wedded, new research displays. This proof lends support to the fact that unmarried people encounter more psychological tension than married people do. Multiple examples were used during each 24-hour period and examined for cortisol. These data provide essential insight in to the manner in which our romantic social relationships will get under the epidermis to influence our health and wellness. – Sheldon Cohen, coauthor The total results, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, show how the married participants had lower cortisol amounts compared to the hardly ever married or previously married people over the three-day period. Continue reading

Heroin Epidemic Is Driving A Spike In Hepatitis C Cases.

State laws and regulations that increase usage of syringe exchange applications and clean fine needles and syringes, and guidelines that facilitate usage of HCV treatment through condition Medicaid programs may reduce HCV transmitting risk, the CDC says. Of most 50 areas, the CDC discovered that only Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Washington had both a in depth set of laws and regulations and a permissive Medicaid treatment plan that may affect usage of both HCV preventive and treatment solutions for persons who inject medications. .. Heroin Epidemic Is Driving A Spike In Hepatitis C Cases, CDC Says The amount of new Hepatitis C cases leaped almost 300 % from 2010 to 2015, thursday with the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance regarding to a written report released. Continue reading

Ellouise Thompson.

Toddler with a condition so rare it doesn’t even have a name: Two-year-old girl is one of nine people in the WORLD to suffer from a disorder that has left her deaf and mute A two-year-old young lady is among simply 9 people in the world to have problems with a condition that’s so rare it generally does not have even a name.Ellouise Thompson, from York, includes a chromosome condition known only while ‘3p26 .3-25.3 deletion’, which affects just one single in 820,000,000 people.The youngster, who’s struggling to speak or hear, faces an uncertain future because of the disorder being so rare. Continue reading

Emergency Status Notice

>Fireworks are prohibited in City limits.

City Hours of Operation

The city offices will be open Monday thru
Friday from 9am-12pm or by appointment.

Offices will be closed on these holidays:

New Year’s Day…………Jan 1
Human Rights Day……..3rd Mon of Jan
Presidents Day…………3rd Mon of Feb
Memorial Day…………..Last Mon of May
Independence Day……..July 4
Pioneer Day…………….July 24
Labor Day……………….1st Mon of Sep
Columbus Day…………..2nd Mon of Oct
Veterans Day……………Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day……….4th Thu of Nov
Day after Thanksgiving…4th Fri of Nov
Christmas Eve…………..Dec 24
Christmas Day…………..Dec 25
New Years Eve………….Dec 31

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding work day. When it falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following work day.