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City Newsletter for November 2...


Recycling Information...

Beginning the first week of November Waste Management will be delivering recycling carts to residents wishing to participate in the curbside recycling program. Residents that do not want to participate in the program need to “opt-out”...

Waste Management Recycling Inf...

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ATV Regulations

Safe and Courteous

Safe and Courteous
1-2-109 Off Road Vehicles. All public streets in the City are designated as open for general off highway vehicle use for any purpose including gaining direct access to or from a private or public area open for off highway vehicle use. Persons eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age shall not operate...
Animal Control Regulations

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership
Pet Leash and License Law. The City of Woodland Hills has adopted a leash law.  Dogs are not permitted to roam free.  The County Sheriff will come and pick up any pets that are left to roam.  To get your pet back you will need to have a valid license for your pet.  To license your pet, you will need...
Fire Safety Regulations

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility
If you know that a fire hydrant serving your neighborhood is covered with snow, please either clear it yourself, have a neighbor clear it, or call Corbett Stepehns, our Public Works Director, at 801-857-0788 and ask him to have the hydrant cleared.  Thank You.
Garbage Schedule

Taking Care of Garbage

Taking Care of Garbage
Garbage collection days are Tuesdays.  Please have garbage containers at the end of your driveway by 7am in the morning. If your garbage can becomes damaged at anytime, please call the City Offices at 801-423-1962.  The holidays for Waste Management this year are: New Year’s Day Memorial Day July...

The second-largest Medicare Benefit insurance provider with 3 million older members.

Humana, the second-largest Medicare Benefit insurance provider with 3 million older members, provides disclosed which the Justice Department is definitely looking at allegations of incorrect risk adjustment. [See also: MA programs on chopping stop.S. The lawsuit continues to be pending, and Humana isn’t the only Medicare Advantage insurer to handle scrutiny as this program enters a fresh amount of growth. Almost 1 / 3 of most Medicare beneficiaries, some 16 million elderly people, are signed up for the Medicare Advantage program, and annual costs are approaching $150 billion, raising the prospect of scrutiny and overpayments from watchdog teams and regulators.. Continue reading

Including myocardial infarction.

Sufferers with type 2 diabetes also present with many standard risk elements for CVD including hypertension typically, lipid inflammation and disturbances. Eckel, MD, teacher of medication in the department of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, and cardiology in the University or college of Colorado College of Medicine.Eckel historically said, studies in type 2 diabetes possess compared aggressive treatment with insulin-where the dose is optimized to lessen blood glucose to as near normal while possible-compared with an organization treated near to the regular of care. ?Following: New medication classes.. Continue reading

Vonderheide said.

‘As soon as you get A heading, it is possible to possibly deal with even more individuals.’ CD40 agonists have moved from preclinical research successfully, many of which were conducted by Penn research workers, where they will have demonstrated anti-tumor activity, in conjunction with checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy especially, into human tests lately. You can find presently four clinical trials being conducted at Penn, including: A Stage I research, led by Vonderheide, to understand if adding the investigational anti-CD40 medication RO7009789 to nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine both before medical procedures and after medical procedures is safe and sound, feasible, and good for sufferers with pancreatic malignancy.A Stage 1b/2 study to judge the efficacy from the combinations of APX005M, Nivolumab, Gemcitabine, and nab-Paclitaxel or APX005M, Gemcitabine, nab-Paclitaxel in treating sufferers with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Continue reading

Yo-yo dieting hikes death.

Carrying excess fat may cause serious health threats already. The new analysis says shedding the pounds and placing them back again on once again poses additional risks. Ira Ockene, a teacher of medicine on the College or university of Massachusetts Medical College in Worcester, who was simply not linked to the extensive analysis. The brand new study in the brand new England Journal of Medicine explored whether that was specifically true for those who have coronary artery disease, where fatty deposits have developed in the arteries feeding the heart muscle. The analysts recycled data from 9,509 volunteers who have been portion of a Lipitor research released in 2005 and sponsored by Pfizer. Another essential limitation of the analysis: It didn’t examine whether sufferers lost fat because they tried to, or if their excess weight fluctuated because these were battling illness. Continue reading

Referred to as multiple recurring infections.

Cases of Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection Are Soaring PHILADELPHIA – Intestinal illness using the bacterium is the most typical healthcare-linked infection in america. Today researchers from your Perelman College of Medicine in the University or college of Pennsylvania have got found evidence that this most difficult cases, referred to as multiple recurring infections , have become more prevalent rapidly . Within an analysis of a big, nationwide medical health insurance database, the Penn researchers determined the fact that annual incidence of mrCDI increased by almost 200 % from 2001 to 2012. Through the same period the occurrence of common CDI elevated by no more than 40 %. Continue reading

Dr Thomas Parran Jr.

‘We remain mounted on this legacy. We can not have got his name on our building since it venerates him.’The motion to eliminate Parran Jr’s name gained momentum this past year, and in January Dr Donald Burke, the dean of the general public health school, developed a committee to handle the presssing concern. It’s unclear when the committee will launch its tips about the problem.EXPLAINED: SYPHILISSyphilis is normally a chronic bacterial disease that may be contracted by additional means but is normally a sexually-transmitted disease.In extremely rare cases, it could be pass on through extended kissing, aswell as the more prevalent routes of transmitting: vaginal, anal and oral sex. Continue reading

Beneath the FDA plan.

Drugmakers have already been accused of refusing to create such product sales, and the home and Senate are both considering legislation that could allow generic medication businesses to sue to demand examples. The legislation in mind would provide for damages for universal companies denied usage of brand name medicines. Lawmakers from both celebrations expressed distress using the practice of blocking cheaper medications from addressing marketplace. High and growing medication prices have proved a discomfort point for most voters, especially those without insurance or about restricted finances. Continue reading

Eye dilation sex specific but not sexually explicit.

Researchers in the University’s College of Mindset studied whether a stronger dilation for the most well-liked sex is produced when individuals viewed pictures depicting higher degrees of sexual explicitness in comparison to pictures low on sexual explicitness. Using eye-tracking technology in conjunction with managed stimuli, the team discovered that pupillary responses to pictures of women and men were sex-specific however, not sensitive towards the sexual explicitness from the picture. Researcher Dr Janice Attard-Johnson said: We discovered that adjustments in pupil size when looking at images of women and men corresponded with individuals’ self-reported sexual orientation. Continue reading

When doctors go through notes and explanations from previous medical appointments.

Words matter: Stigmatizing language in medical records may affect the care a patient receives A Johns Hopkins research found that doctors who use stigmatizing vocabulary in their individuals’ medical information might affect the treatment those individuals get for a long time to come. When doctors go through notes and explanations from previous medical appointments, says the scholarly study, published within the May model from the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the vocabulary in those notes might are likely involved in how that individual is treated, in addition to how aggressively the patient’s discomfort is managed. Continue reading

And a global leader in coronary disease research.

Penn Medicines Garret FitzGerald MD FRS Elected to the German National Academy of Sciences PHILADELPHIA-Garret FitzGerald, MD, FRS, a professor of Systems Translational and Pharmacology Therapeutics in the Perelman College of Medicine in the School of Pa, and a global leader in coronary disease research, continues to be elected towards the Leopoldina, the German Country wide Academy of Sciences, the oldest continuously existing academy of medicine as well as the organic sciences in the world. FitzGerald can be the movie director from the Institute for Translational Therapeutics and Medication in Penn . The Academy, that was founded in 1652, is beneath the patronage from the elected leader of Germany. Continue reading

Emergency Status Notice

>Fireworks are prohibited in City limits.

City Hours of Operation

The city offices will be open Monday thru
Friday from 9am-12pm or by appointment.

Offices will be closed on these holidays:

New Year’s Day…………Jan 1
Human Rights Day……..3rd Mon of Jan
Presidents Day…………3rd Mon of Feb
Memorial Day…………..Last Mon of May
Independence Day……..July 4
Pioneer Day…………….July 24
Labor Day……………….1st Mon of Sep
Columbus Day…………..2nd Mon of Oct
Veterans Day……………Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day……….4th Thu of Nov
Day after Thanksgiving…4th Fri of Nov
Christmas Eve…………..Dec 24
Christmas Day…………..Dec 25
New Years Eve………….Dec 31

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding work day. When it falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following work day.