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City Newsletter for November 2...


Recycling Information...

Beginning the first week of November Waste Management will be delivering recycling carts to residents wishing to participate in the curbside recycling program. Residents that do not want to participate in the program need to “opt-out”...

Waste Management Recycling Inf...

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ATV Regulations

Safe and Courteous

Safe and Courteous
1-2-109 Off Road Vehicles. All public streets in the City are designated as open for general off highway vehicle use for any purpose including gaining direct access to or from a private or public area open for off highway vehicle use. Persons eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age shall not operate...
Animal Control Regulations

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership
Pet Leash and License Law. The City of Woodland Hills has adopted a leash law.  Dogs are not permitted to roam free.  The County Sheriff will come and pick up any pets that are left to roam.  To get your pet back you will need to have a valid license for your pet.  To license your pet, you will need...
Fire Safety Regulations

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility
If you know that a fire hydrant serving your neighborhood is covered with snow, please either clear it yourself, have a neighbor clear it, or call Corbett Stepehns, our Public Works Director, at 801-857-0788 and ask him to have the hydrant cleared.  Thank You.
Garbage Schedule

Taking Care of Garbage

Taking Care of Garbage
Garbage collection days are Tuesdays.  Please have garbage containers at the end of your driveway by 7am in the morning. If your garbage can becomes damaged at anytime, please call the City Offices at 801-423-1962.  The holidays for Waste Management this year are: New Year’s Day Memorial Day July...

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Of course, the full total outcomes are very important to a person with psoriasis, however the researchers see a much greater prospect of this medication. This is actually the 1st placebo-controlled trial of the biologic drug showing an advantage in aortic swelling, an integral marker of coronary disease. The impact is comparable to what we’d anticipate if we place the individual on the statin. Dr. Joel M. Gelfand He gives, This research represents a guarantee that treatment may decrease the risk of coronary attack and stroke in the foreseeable future. Continue reading

New research uncovers.

There remain 5.4million asthma sufferers in the united kingdom. Breastfeeding decreases the chance of endometriosis by to 40 % up, study revealed previous this whole month. Normally feeding for a complete of three or even more many years of a women’s life reduces her threat of developing the painful gynecological disorder simply by almost 40 %, a report found. For each and every three additional weeks a female breastfeeds per being pregnant, her threat of getting endometriosis is lowered by eight percent, while exclusively feeding lowers the opportunity of the analysis by 14 % naturally, the extensive research adds. This is regarded as due to hormone changes that occur during breastfeeding as women temporarily stop having periods. Organic feeding alters the discharge of particular hormones also, such as for example oxytocin and estrogen, which might determine a woman’s threat of the disorder. Continue reading

Is too much screen time harming childrens vision?

Listed below are 10 ideas to help protect your son or daughter’s eyes from pc eyestrain: Arranged a kitchen timer or a good gadget timer to remind them.Alternative reading an e-book with a genuine book and encourage children to research and away the window every single two chapters.After completing an even in a gaming, watch out the window for 20 seconds.Pre-mark books having a paperclip every single few chapters to remind your son or daughter to research. With an e-book, utilize the ‘bookmark’ function for the same impact.Avoid using a pc outdoors or in brightly lit areas, because the glare over the screen can make strain.Adapt the brightness and comparison of your personal computer display such that it seems comfortable for you.Use great posture when working with a computer so when reading.Encourage your son or daughter to carry digital mass media farther away, 18 to 24 ins is ideal. Continue reading

According for an updated intend to overhaul the states Medicaid plan.

The waiver would need able-bodied adults without dependents to just work at least 20 hours weekly to be eligible for coverage. The 20-hour requirement would start when the waiver is approved. The original proposal could have began the necessity at five hours weekly, raising to 20 hours after a calendar year gradually. Requiring function for benefits is usually a GOP policy staple, as well as the ongoing party factors to welfare and food stamps like a model. But policy specialists and advocates state the theory that the indegent are benefiting from the Medicaid program is a fake characterization from the state-federal health system for the needy. Continue reading

The unauthorized access seemed to have occurred between Jan.

Nevertheless the affected data didn’t include payment card information or medical reports, the business stated inside a filing Inogen said they have hired a forensic company to investigate and can provide credit monitoring and an insurance reimbursement plan to aid affected customers. The business said its insurance coverage may possibly not be adequate to safeguard against all costs due to the incident.. Oxygen device maker Inogen discloses customer data breach – Oxygen source device machine Inogen Inc stated on Friday it had been notifying 30,000 existing and previous customers carrying out a data breach that resulted in incorrect access of personal stats of some local rental clients. Continue reading

A new research shows tadalafil pas cher.

Bariatric Surgery Shrinks Heart Failure Risk in Severely Obese Weight-loss surgery slice the long-term threat of center failure by over fifty % in obese individuals without a background of cardiovascular disease or heart stroke, a new research shows. Benotti, M tadalafil pas cher .D. Bariatric surgery is normally recommended for those who have a physical body mass index of 35 or more. But guidelines released in January with the American Diabetes Association suggest bariatric medical procedures for Type 2 diabetes sufferers having a BMI of 30 or more if their diabetes is normally poorly controlled. Continue reading

Although some are still left looking forward to 12 years.

Nevertheless most kids in Ireland just have their initial scheduled visit with the general public dental care service at age seven or eight within the school screening program. Thousands more are just seen for the very first time in sixth course, if they already are 12 years. Personnel shortages, clinic closures and too little policy and path with the HSE are putting an intolerable burden on personnel in the general public assistance and undermining their capability to offer an effective program. As the under-16 people has elevated by 20 percent within the last decade to at least one 1.1 million, the amount of dentists in the general public services charged with caring for their teeth’s health has slipped by 20 percent because of recruitment restrictions, described IDA leader, Fintan Hourihan. Continue reading

You then might understand the discomfort it causes.

I asked a few of our regular professional contributors to consider in around the short record, paragraph by paragraph. The larger issue is normally whether some malignancies might be therefore slow-growing concerning never trigger symptoms of disease. I believe an important indicate make isn’t if tumors regress, but perform they ever become medically significant with no treatment? It really is very clear that some tumors won’t become significant medically, but we usually do not however be capable of accurately anticipate this for a person individual. Among these malignancies, there have been 240 situations of untreated intrusive breast cancer tumor and 239 instances of neglected ductal carcinoma in situ. Nothing were reported to possess disappeared or regressed in next mammography spontaneously.Zero understanding into why some women waited Why did some sufferers forego treatment? Neither the analysis or launch provides us that reply, but you can find multiple reasons females might want to view and wait around instead of end up being treated instantly.

LEADER Dan Browne told Reuters within an interview.

The news headlines sent a shiver through investors who’ve bet on Botox owner Allergan Plc and its own development strategy, which relies heavily around the recognition of the procedure both in aesthetic and therapeutic techniques.07. Browne told Reuters that Revance would globally turn to develop partnerships, but that he’d prefer to hold back until RT002 is nearer to approval in america. He added that desire for the business should grow using the authorization of RT002 for therapeutic signs as well seeing that cosmetic uses. ALLERGAN THREAT Botox came being a revolution for aging seniors and camera-conscious Era X in 2002, when the medication was approved by U.S. Continue reading

GOP health reform: Essential health benefits.

Stage 2 is a thorough overview of all federal government health care rules and stage 3 is usually slated to become new legislation to displace the ACA with a fresh healthcare reform plan, that will need a two-thirds bulk in the Senate to move.. GOP health reform: Essential health benefits, community rating under fire Republicans are targeting two essential consumer protections within their latest try to gain plenty of votes to move the American HEALTHCARE Act, stage 1 of their Affordable Treatment Action repeal and replace program. In the chopping block will be the essential healthcare benefits bundle and so-called community ranking procedures – which prevent insurers from charging more for older individuals and the ones with preexisting conditions. franckreporter/Thinkstock The brand new draft legislation, an amendment towards the AHCA (H.R. Continue reading

Emergency Status Notice

>Fireworks are prohibited in City limits.

City Hours of Operation

The city offices will be open Monday thru
Friday from 9am-12pm or by appointment.

Offices will be closed on these holidays:

New Year’s Day…………Jan 1
Human Rights Day……..3rd Mon of Jan
Presidents Day…………3rd Mon of Feb
Memorial Day…………..Last Mon of May
Independence Day……..July 4
Pioneer Day…………….July 24
Labor Day……………….1st Mon of Sep
Columbus Day…………..2nd Mon of Oct
Veterans Day……………Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day……….4th Thu of Nov
Day after Thanksgiving…4th Fri of Nov
Christmas Eve…………..Dec 24
Christmas Day…………..Dec 25
New Years Eve………….Dec 31

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding work day. When it falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following work day.