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City Newsletter for November 2...


Recycling Information...

Beginning the first week of November Waste Management will be delivering recycling carts to residents wishing to participate in the curbside recycling program. Residents that do not want to participate in the program need to “opt-out”...

Waste Management Recycling Inf...

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ATV Regulations

Safe and Courteous

Safe and Courteous
1-2-109 Off Road Vehicles. All public streets in the City are designated as open for general off highway vehicle use for any purpose including gaining direct access to or from a private or public area open for off highway vehicle use. Persons eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age shall not operate...
Animal Control Regulations

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership
Pet Leash and License Law. The City of Woodland Hills has adopted a leash law.  Dogs are not permitted to roam free.  The County Sheriff will come and pick up any pets that are left to roam.  To get your pet back you will need to have a valid license for your pet.  To license your pet, you will need...
Fire Safety Regulations

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility

Winter Priority: Fire Hydrant Accessibility
If you know that a fire hydrant serving your neighborhood is covered with snow, please either clear it yourself, have a neighbor clear it, or call Corbett Stepehns, our Public Works Director, at 801-857-0788 and ask him to have the hydrant cleared.  Thank You.
Garbage Schedule

Taking Care of Garbage

Taking Care of Garbage
Garbage collection days are Tuesdays.  Please have garbage containers at the end of your driveway by 7am in the morning. If your garbage can becomes damaged at anytime, please call the City Offices at 801-423-1962.  The holidays for Waste Management this year are: New Year’s Day Memorial Day July...

Study of Pregnant HIV-Positive Women to Shed Light on Antiretroviral Regimens Roughly 1.

Many research sites in Zimbabwe have begun treating women, while extra sites in Zimbabwe and america are enrolling participants. Even more sites in Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Brazil, India, Haiti, and america will open up for enrollment next few a few months. Explaining the scholarly research outcomes of DTG, Dr. Because there’s been limited data on the consequences of different Artwork regimens on women that are pregnant with HIV, he described, this study is designed to make sure that women that are pregnant coping with HIV aren’t given brief shrift with regards to treatment plans for themselves and their infants.. Continue reading

Lasting years perhaps.

Ladies in the treatment arm also had 3 x the improvements in self-report cognition skills set alongside the control group. As the tests examined several areas of cognition, only rate processing showed a substantial improvement. Analysts recommend bigger and longer studies evaluating the required duration of workout and strength of actions to see whether increased exercise might impact various other areas of cognition. Before the start of study, all participants used a research-grade accelerometer on the hips for a week to measure exercise at baseline and again going back seven days from the trial to compare changes in minutes of reasonably intense activity. During the research period, ladies in the work out equip used a Fitbit One activity tracker. Continue reading

New study suggests.

Baker can be an associate professor of medication at the College or university of Pennsylvania’s Perelman College of Medicine. Rheumatoid arthritis can be an autoimmune condition. It evolves when immune system cells that combat germs assault the liner from the bones normally, or cartilage. This causes the joint parts to swell and the encompassing bones, ligaments and muscle groups to steadily erode. Arthritis rheumatoid worsens as time passes, leading to disability often. For the scholarly study, Baker and his colleagues viewed the consequences of obesity for the development of arthritis rheumatoid in only over 25,000 people who have the disease. The researchers discovered that the condition advanced more among those that were extremely obese quickly. Continue reading

The agency doesnt have obligatory recall authority.

If the review is normally glaringly harmful, offer a alternative to remedy the problem.. FDA recommends voluntary recall of Limbrel The Medication and Meals Administration announced on December. Nevertheless, the agency doesn’t have obligatory recall authority. The agency had received 194 adverse event reports by Nov. 21, which it discovered a most likely association from the occasions with Limbrel in at least 30 instances, and continues to judge reports, which customers can submit through MedWatch. The FDA happens to be testing examples of the merchandise and has informed consumers to stop taking it, although manufacturer provides declined far to recall it thus. Continue reading

Its been announced.

The group at Connolly ought to be commended not only for the health care they offer today, also for their dedication to the near future and for arriving jointly to forge a fresh identity and a fresh tradition within Phoenix Children’s Wellness, Mr Varadkar stated. In the mean time An Taoiseach and medical Minister also attended a sod turning event for a significant redevelopment from the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire. The new medical center development will dsicover the prevailing ward accommodation replaced by a fresh fit for purpose block of 120 single en-suite rooms. It’ll consist of integrated therapy areas also, a new sports activities hall and a hydrotherapy device. Links to the prevailing building will assure full integration between your new advancement and the prevailing medical center on the webpage. Continue reading

And treatment of digestive illnesses.

Recent studies of microbiota offer insights into digestive disease management NEVADA – Recent research of individual microbiota are yielding new insights that could enhance the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of digestive illnesses, regarding to Eamonn M. Quigley, MD . Quigley, movie director from the Lynda K. And David M. Underwood Middle for DIGESTION DISORDERS, Houston Methodist. Andrew Bowser/MDedge NewsDr. Eamonn M. Quigley Moreover, microbiota possess factored in particular digestive illnesses in multiple recent research. Quigley stated on the inaugural Perspectives in Digestive Illnesses meeting kept by Global Academy for Medical Education.The role from the microbiota was already well established, for example, in situations of Helicobacter pylori Clostridium and infection difficile-associated disease. Continue reading

Looking for medical aid gap cover?

They used these four core advantages to rate the many plans: Space cover: in-hospital distance cover and %age cover the system provides Co-payment advantage: the provision of the co-payment advantage Oncology cover: the provision of additional cover for cancer Sub-limit benefit extender: supplied to improve sub-limits imposed by medical helps Furthermore, programs were grouped into areas based on the amount of cover offered: 200 percent, 300 percent, 350 percent or 500 percent+. Sanlam Comprehensive Difference Cover – R250 2. Absa Yellow metal – R3153. Zestlife Common – R327 per specific under 55 ; R413 per family members4. KaeloXeulus Fusion – R3505. Ambedown Difference Select – R3906. Continue reading

People in ABQ could be at greater risk of skin cancer ALBUQUERQUE.

She says they need to reapply it every handful of hours. Dr. Altman recommends that folks put on hats that cover the facial skin also, ears, and throat. Sun-protective clothes can be an excellent choice through the summer time. ‘The best way to check whether a fabric is sun protective or not really is to really take your clothes and put it up towards the light and in the event that you could see light through it which means it let us through ultraviolet light aswell and it’s not really protecting you perfectly,’ Dr. Continue reading

Will play in the upcoming decades in setting the terms for provider reimbursement.

Out of this guiding construction, at least we are able to generate an acceptable mold to develop and judge a CMS compliant APM with much less amorphous metrics to measure performance. Desk 1: Explicitly Stated CMS Quality Strategy Goals 1.) Make care and attention safer by reducing damage triggered in the delivery of care and attention. 2.) Strengthen person and family engagement simply because partners within their care. 3.) Promote effective communication and coordination of care and attention. 4.) Promote effective treatment and prevention of chronic disease. 5.) Work with neighborhoods to promote guidelines of healthy living. 6.) Make treatment affordable.ConclusionRelated: MACRAnomics: Helpful information for physiciansIn summary, the purpose of CMS advertising this brand-new seemingly amorphous band of ill-defined APMs isn’t necessarily to punish well-meaning providers through forcing competition less than MIPS through too little APM exposure, but instead to permit for a free of charge form innovative environment to foster APM advancement inside a non-constrictive way. Continue reading

Exercise may Help Protect Smokers from Inflammation.

Inflammation that starts in the pulmonary program can ‘spill over’ in to the circulatory program to damage other organs through the entire body, described a group of German research workers. Swelling may also interact adversely using the proteins pathways in the torso, leading to the muscles to breakdown quicker than it really is created. This process prospects to muscle reduction, also known as muscle tissue spending or atrophy, which in turn causes weakness. The experts studied markers of irritation in the bloodstream and muscle fibres from two sets of mice which were exposed to tobacco smoke on the long-term basis. Continue reading

Emergency Status Notice

>Fireworks are prohibited in City limits.

City Hours of Operation

The city offices will be open Monday thru
Friday from 9am-12pm or by appointment.

Offices will be closed on these holidays:

New Year’s Day…………Jan 1
Human Rights Day……..3rd Mon of Jan
Presidents Day…………3rd Mon of Feb
Memorial Day…………..Last Mon of May
Independence Day……..July 4
Pioneer Day…………….July 24
Labor Day……………….1st Mon of Sep
Columbus Day…………..2nd Mon of Oct
Veterans Day……………Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day……….4th Thu of Nov
Day after Thanksgiving…4th Fri of Nov
Christmas Eve…………..Dec 24
Christmas Day…………..Dec 25
New Years Eve………….Dec 31

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding work day. When it falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following work day.