Neighborhood Watch


Welcome to the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Watch website. The site is currently under construction but some basic information is being provided at this time. In essence, our Neighborhood Watch program is a voluntary public safety and crime prevention program that emphasizes neighborhood cohesiveness, education, and awareness. Our program is designed to organize Woodland Hills residents in such a manner as to facilitate resident training, neighborhood communications and cooperation, and to arm residents with information and resources which will enable them to help themselves to promote safer neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.


Our program is a cooperative venture of Woodland Hills residents and the City of Woodland Hills, the Woodland Hills Fire/EMS Departments, and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.



For all emergencies, phone 911.


For nonemergency calls related to law enforcement, fire and medical services, phone Utah Valley Dispatch at (801) 794-3970.



Woodland Hills Fire Chief: The Woodland Hills Fire Department has responsibility for fire-related issues within our city. Fire Chief Craig Northup heads up our volunteer fire department and serves as a member of our city’s Public Safety Committee. For nonemergency issues related to fire prevention, detection, reporting, and suppression, Chief Northup may be contacted as follows: phone — (801) 891-5387; email:


Woodland Hills EMS Captain: The Woodland Hills Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has responsibility for medical-related issues within our city. Captain Clint Nielson heads up our volunteer EMS and serves as a member of our city’s Public Safety Committee. For nonemergency issues related to medical issues, including requests for group training, Captain Nielson may be contacted at


Woodland Hills Patrol Deputy: The City of Woodland Hills contracts with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for police services. Deputy Rhoades is the deputy who is assigned to patrol our community. When he is unavailable, other deputies patrol within our city. Deputy Rhoades is a member of our city’s Public Safety Committee. For nonemergency issues related to law enforcement, Deputy Rhoades may be contacted as follows: phone — (801) 794-3970.


Neighborhood Watch Coordinator: The City of Woodland Hills has appointed resident Jim Innes to be a voluntary coordinator of our Neighborhood Watch program. He works in conjunction with our city’s Public Safety Committee to build community support for our Neighborhood Watch program and for our partnerships with the Fire/EMS Departments, Sheriff’s Office, and city government. For issues or suggestions pertaining to the Neighborhood Watch program, Jim may be contacted as follows: email: email address to be posted shortly.



To empower Woodland Hills residents to remain in control of their neighborhoods by minimizing the risk of fire, criminal activity, bodily injury, and other concerns through neighborhood awareness, communications, and education.




Our vision regarding fire prevention/suppression:

□ To help our fire personnel by expeditious detection and reporting of possible or actual fires.

□ To reduce the risk of fire within our community by educating residents how to become compliant with fire prevention ordinances and practices; and assisting with compliance activities.


Our vision regarding law enforcement:

□ To assist our sheriff’s office by becoming the eyes and ears of our community.

□ To establish a power of presence which establishes a zone for criminals where the risk of being caught is too high for them to practice their profession.

□ To lower crime rates and to keep property value high through crime prevention.


Our vision regarding emergency medical services:

□ To help our emergency medical responders by acting to facilitate their safe response and delivery of medical assistance and transportation.

□ To educate the community in ways to help in an emergency setting by taking action until emergency medical responders arrive.


Our vision regarding resident evacuation:

□ To prepare residents for evacuation through education, collective communications, and preparation.




Neighborhoods (or blocks): The residents of Woodland Hills are the foundation of our Neighborhood Watch program. Volunteers who donate their time and resources are at the center of our program. Our organizational structure consists of all the neighborhoods within the city. For the purposes of our program, a neighborhood may usually be a group of 10 to 16 residences. This group of homes, sometimes referred to as a block, is the basic unit of our program. Therefore, our program consists of several blocks within the city.


Neighborhood (or block) captains: The efforts of each neighborhood (or block) are coordinated by volunteers, known as block captains or co-captains, who live within the neighborhood. These captains reach out to residents within their neighborhood to encourage a neighborhood awareness of fire, law enforcement, emergency medical, and other issues. The captains strive to bring neighbors together to promote an increased collective awareness and action by residents in regards to issues facing their neighborhood (i.e., the potential for natural disasters, suspicious criminal activity, evacuation procedures, improved communications among neighbors, etc.). Typically, a neighborhood will be assigned 2 captains and 2 co-captains.

Emergency Status Notice

>Fireworks are prohibited in City limits.

City Hours of Operation

The city offices will be open Monday thru
Friday from 9am-12pm or by appointment.

Offices will be closed on these holidays:

New Year’s Day…………Jan 1
Human Rights Day……..3rd Mon of Jan
Presidents Day…………3rd Mon of Feb
Memorial Day…………..Last Mon of May
Independence Day……..July 4
Pioneer Day…………….July 24
Labor Day……………….1st Mon of Sep
Columbus Day…………..2nd Mon of Oct
Veterans Day……………Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day……….4th Thu of Nov
Day after Thanksgiving…4th Fri of Nov
Christmas Eve…………..Dec 24
Christmas Day…………..Dec 25
New Years Eve………….Dec 31

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding work day. When it falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following work day.